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Will Yahoo Ever Win Search

When it comes to search, Yahoo has been somewhat lost in the abyss. Google is universally recognized as the number one search engine on the Internet (by some distance), while Bing, Microsoft’s foray in this market has usurped the rest of the field to slot into second place. Yahoo currently sits in third position, with an estimated total of unique visitors per month that is less than one-quarter of what Google receives.

Back in the day (aka the mid 2000’s), Google and Yahoo were in a tug-of-war battle for search engine supremacy. Some predicted Google to crash and burn at some point, while Yahoo — who also suffered (then recovered) from a spectacular dot-com bust — would navigate their way to the top. Neither of those forecasts proved to be true, with Google going from strength to strength, and Yahoo, despite still being in the mix, struggling to compete as time went on.

At present, Yahoo is still failing to seriously contend with the might of Google when it comes to the area of search engines.

Is Yahoo Fighting Back?

However, some current positive signs coming out of Yahoo suggest a resurgence could be about to take place.

Back in July 2012, Yahoo hired Google visionary Marissa Mayer as their CEO. While sceptics pointed out that Yahoo’s CEO position had been chopped and changed at a frequent rate in recent years, the move seems to have been a shrewd, inspired one.

Just one year later in July 2013, Yahoo beat out Google for the first time in over two years when it came to total visits to their respective properties on the Internet in theUnited States. While this stat isn’t indicative of their search engine battle, it showed that Yahoo was on the rise after a difficult period.

They maintained this form and have beat out Google for six months straight from July-December of last year. No groundbreaking changes have been made to Yahoo’s philosophy in this time, but Mayer has focused on what they do best and decided to build on the established properties they have at their disposal — including search.

Will all of the above points help amount to Yahoo overthrowing Google as the king of the search engine? Without sounding too pessimistic, it is unlikely.

So much ground has been lost at this stage for Yahoo, that trying to overturn the deficit it is currently handicapped with is very difficult. You also have to factor in that Google has entered the mainstream subconscious. Instead of people saying, ‘you should search that’, they say ‘you should Google that’! Google is everywhere, and it is implausible to believe another search engine will knock it off its perch anytime soon.

Yahoo is rebuilding and reclaiming its lost market share, but it has a long way to go before it can come out on top in this long-running search engine war. But the signs are positive that they will make a fight of it…

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