Why Cheap, Outsourced SEO Will Cost You in the Long Run | 180fusion

It’s very tempting for business entrepreneurs to be lured into taking up services of companies offering cheap SEO optimization. Although, of course, the right kind of optimization will place a company in the higher ranks on search pages such as Google, many of the firms which approach entrepreneurs don’t have that ability. If in fact they had, they wouldn’t need to be bombarding startup companies for potential leads.

Becoming the “Weakest Link”

If tempted to take on outsourced SEO at cheap prices, your company will probably get what it paid for. Weak link building is what makes companies get into trouble with search engines and thus suffer penalties. Those penalties cost the company valuable customers, since customers will be directed elsewhere by search engine sites in order to protect their own reputation for first class results.

The Google Panda exercise weeded out many companies with weak content and links and placed them lower in the rankings when searches were made. As a direct result of this, companies have gone out of business. Becoming a weak link in the business chain can be as a direct result of taking on cheaper options at the startup and this is why cheap, outsourced SEO will cost you in the long run.

Many companies who used cheap, outsourced SEO are being shown where they have gone wrong and educated by being asked to remove links where these are deemed inappropriate by Google, though at this stage of the game, the custom is lost and Google’s respect gone.

Weak content

Outsourcing content writing to those offering their SEO services at cheap rates could land the company in trouble in other ways. Does the company want a reputation for inaccuracy? Does it want a reputation for keyword stuffing? If it doesn’t, then it’s best to walk away from cheap deals and employ experts that charge realistic prices to get the job done.

Imagine content which is not grammatical and which reads as if written by amateurs. If you employ cheap labor, you get what you pay for. That’s another reason why cheap, outsourced SEO will cost you in the long run.

Language barriers

The problem with hiring cheaper labor from other countries is that cultures are varied and language nuances are even more prevalent. Misunderstandings about what the company requires often happen when outsourcing SEO cheaply and the long run pitfall to the misunderstanding could cost your company much more than it would have initially paid out for hiring experts within the boundaries of its own country.

Finding workable solutions

When a company is starting up, it needs professional SEO developers and content writers who know the correct keyword density and how to optimize linking. Using cheap labor to get a company on the right track could result in that track leading to bankruptcy as the website for that company fails.

For a company to succeed, it needs a development team who liaise with SEO expertise to produce optimal results. Without this liaison, the chances are that the website will be mediocre at best and will lose custom as a direct result of employing cheap, outsourced SEO staff either in the link building or the content providing fields.