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The Four Masters of Corporate Twitter

While most businesses know the importance of using Twitter to enhance brand awareness and attract new customers, many of them do not know how to do it successfully. The best way to figure out what works on this social media site is to watch what others are doing right. Here are four brands that have mastered Twitter.

Four Masters of Corporate Twitter

Taco Bell

Humor draws people in, and Taco Bell knows how to use it correctly. There are different types of humor and this fast food chain chooses to be sassy and sarcastic. The result? Many people, including celebrities are tweeting about the company.

Another lesson to be learned in watching how Taco Bell uses Twitter is in the types of tweets you find. The company doesn’t just rely on one thing that works; they incorporate a variety of posts to keep people interested. This includes posts about products, some great competitions, and just a whole lot of fun. They also interact with their audience, creating more a feeling of community.


Here’s another company that understands its audience and the importance of humor. Oreo has a highly engaging account with a large following that keeps on growing. What’s their secret? They create posts that are sassy and humorous. The company uses memorable lines that make people want to retweet, like “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But the stomach louder.” Or “A good magician never reveals his cookie.”

Oreo provides a great mix of tweets, from promotions to humor to mentions of complementary products. They also interact with their followers and include entertaining responses. Oreo has one of the best accounts on Twitter, and is a fantastic example on how to make the site work to your advantage.


What Nike does right on Twitter is a lesson for every other business. They focus on the customer and not themselves. You won’t find much promotion for the company’s products on Twitter. Instead, they focus on providing information and motivation to their followers. They also mix things up with images and video along with traditional tweets. “What are you doing today to beat yesterday” is one example of their inspiring tweets. Another one is “Taking it easy won’t take you anywhere.”

Old Spice

Here’s another company that knows how to use humor on Twitter. With tweets like “Hoping one day to finally, finally put the “I” in ‘TEAM'” and “It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Especially when talking about wallets.” Most of their posts aren’t about the company, the products, or anything relevant, but they work.

What these four companies show is that no single campaign on Twitter works for everyone. Some use humor and others provide inspiration. Some companies talk about their products while others just focus on being entertaining. There are companies that interact all of the time and others that just do it on occasion. What they all have in common is the ability to know what will appeal to their followers and then provide that consistently. That is what it takes to be a successful company on Twitter.

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