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Stop the Unsubscriptions: 3 Ways to Keep Your Email Marketing Base

Email lists are a great aspect of online marketing. Research shows that they are more successful than unsolicited emails or other traditional advertising. After all, if they signed up to be on a list, you must have something to offer that interests them. However, your goal should also be to keep people on your list. Avoid losing people to the unsubscribe button by doing these three things.

1. Get personal in your emails.

The first step is to make sure the emails come from a single person in the company, and it should be the same person every time. This allows the recipients to feel like they are “getting to know” the person behind the emails. It helps to build relationships. Don’t forget to personalize who the email is from in the address line.

Keep the message personal as well. The emails should sound conversational and written in the tone of a helpful customer. Show some personality behind the messages; people like to see that companies are human.

2. Be honest.

Don’t try to trick your recipients by including a catchy subject line that has nothing or very little to do with the actual topic of the email. This leads people to distrust you and increases the likelihood that they will unsubscribe from your list. Instead, use a catchy subject line that accurately describes what your email is about.

It’s also important to avoid the use of the word “free” in your subject line because many spammers label their emails this way. It can cause filters to block your messages or recipients to hit the delete button if they don’t recognize the sender.

Don’t forget to ask the people on your list what they want to hear about. Do they want to know about your latest products or special offers? Would they prefer to have more technical information on your products or services? They may want to see some tips or advice that will help them use your products. When you create emails on things that interest people, you keep them opening your emails, reading them, and sharing them with friends.

3. Use the right format.

While graphics, banners, and images make a message more exciting, it’s still a good idea to include the option for text only. Some people can only receive text or only want to get the basics. If your message is very long, you will want a table of contents so they can get right to the information that interests them.

It’s also important to make the message look interesting and easy to read with lists, bullet points, and short paragraphs. Try not to use italics because they are harder to read, especially if your message is being viewed on a smaller device. Avoid overusing All Caps so that it doesn’t seem like you are shouting at them.

While getting an email marketing list is important for your business, keeping the people on that list is even more important. Common thought is that it takes numerous times of seeing a message for people to act; this is one reason email marketing is so successful, but only if they don’t unsubscribe.

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