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How to Set Up Google Authorship


While it has been mentioned for some time that Google Authorship is going to have an influence on search results, it has taken some time for the idea to catch on. However, you are probably noticing more indications of this now.

More people and businesses are setting up profiles on Google Plus, with the result that they are ranking higher in Google searches. If you haven’t been involved before now, you need to learn how to set up Google Authorship and take advantage of this tool.

Set Up a Google+ Profile

You will need to have a Google+ profile and verify your email address. It isn’t required, but it’s a good idea to have your email address match your domain name. This step helps Google recognize the connection between the two.

Link from your content to your profile page. This may be an About Us page or even blog posts or other information on your website. If you guest post or contribute articles to other sites, you will want to make sure they link, too. This gives your content more credibility in the eyes of Google.

Just go to your profile ta and click on the About tab under your picture. When you find the Links section, click on Edit Link. This is where you will add the main page URL of your website or blog. It will need to be added to the Contributor section. You can add numerous URLs from this location.

Create a Complete Profile

Once you have a Google+ profile, you will want to include a high-quality photo of you that looks professional. This will show up in search results, immediately drawing attention to your page over others that don’t have Google Authorship.

You will also want to make sure your profile is complete so that when people click on your page, they will learn more about you and your business.

The Benefits of Google Authorship

One of the main reasons to set up your Google Authorship is that it will help you rank better in search results. As you establish your expertise in an area, Google will recognize that fact and will put your website at the top of searches. For instance, if you sell parts for appliance repair and you write informative articles about the subject, Google will view you as an expert in this field. If you are a medical professional and you create articles about the conditions you treat, your website will rank higher than someone without the Authorship.

Another benefit is how users will see you. When someone does a search on a topic and they see a result that includes a photo of a real person, they will be more likely to trust that result even if they’ve never heard of you. It adds authenticity to your work. Trust is something that is hard to create but it is essential for any business. Google Authorship gives you a new way to build that trust with your intended audience. Take advantage of it and start using Google Authorship to enhance your brand.

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