How To Stop Marketing Addiction From Destroying Your Online Reputation

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Marketing is something every entrepreneur seems to be addicted to. It seems to be the answer to every little problem that comes along. A marketing addiction can become a serious problem because it can lead to you spending too much money, implementing risky strategies, and departing from what your brand is truly about.

Just being yourself is a good marketing strategy, but sometimes it isn’t enough. You need to protect your online reputation through being consistent and staying true to the values that espouse your brand. This guide is going to show you how to prevent a marketing addiction from leading you to hurt your online reputation.

Take a Day Away from Marketing

Sometimes you need to step away from marketing and take stock of what you’re doing. When you’re trapped in the marketing bubble it’s hard to see the context of everything. It’s difficult to see where you might be going wrong, and that’s when people start to waste money marketing.

With 76% of companies saying they’re going to produce more content than ever before this year, it’s tempting to try to match them blow for blow. What you really need is some time away from your marketing activities because when you start grinding yourself down quality is sure to suffer.

Look at What You’re Spending

The majority of entrepreneurs are marketing their startups on a tight budget. Sometimes you need to take a look back at what you’re spending. Review how much you’ve blown this year and make sure you haven’t taken it too far. Take care to look at what you’re spending so you can understand how much debt you’re taking on.

Looking at your bills will encourage you to take a closer look at your tactics. Once you look into your strategy you can work out what you’re doing that’s harming your online reputation and what you’re doing that’s making your online reputation.

It’s a good practice to adopt.

Addiction Can Eliminate ROI – Do the Math

 Your ROI comes in many forms. The most basic type involves looking into your sales compared to how much you’re spending on marketing. But you have to be able to look deeper into this. Consider whether you’re still getting the same level of engagement and whether your reviews are as good as they were before.

An addiction to marketing can lead to diminishing returns on everything, including your online reputation. If your ROI is dropping you know you need to reevaluate what you’re doing.

Think About Who Your Reputation Matters To

 A company with a great online reputation only concentrates on their target market. They aren’t interested in what outsiders think because they were never going to buy from them anyway. Focus on what your target market thinks and regularly engage with them.

When you’re in the middle of a marketing addiction it’s not uncommon to forget to speak to your customers. They serve as the best source of information because they’re the people who matter most.

If they’re telling you something is wrong, you know you have to change.

Do You Have a Strategy for Your Online Reputation?

A great budget-conscious digital marketing strategy to have is one aimed at boosting your online reputation. This is not something that’s going to happen overnight. The company that concentrates on their online reputation from the very beginning is always going to have an advantage over its competitors.

Your strategy should incorporate how you’re going to improve your public image. Make it a priority and you’ll overcome your marketing addiction and learn to concentrate on what really matters.

What if it’s Already Gone Wrong?

You may be reading these basic business tips because something has already gone wrong with your online reputation and you don’t know where to turn. All is not lost just because you managed to mess up your online reputation through losing sight of what really matters.

Any company can repair its brand image if it works hard enough at it. Your best option is to consult an online reputation expert who can help you with your current image problem. They’ll be able to provide you with some sage words of advice to help you through the worst of it.


A marketing addiction can cause you a lot of problems. But if you’re smart about how you deal with it you can turn the situation around and lead your company into a better tomorrow.

Have you ever suffered from a marketing addiction before?

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