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5 Reasons Your Twitter Sucks and How to Fix It

Twitter is oh-so-important for so many businesses in this day and age. That is why you have to ensure your Twitter account doesn’t suck! If you feel that is the case, however, and you’re not getting the most out of the social media platform, then look at the below five reasons why that might be the case — and how you can resolve your problems.

Lack of Interaction

Twitter is a great tool when it comes to social interaction. The gateways to communication are made so much simpler with Tweets, where responses can be made in a matter of minutes rather than hours (or days!) through the more traditional method of email. 

As a result, due diligence in keeping track of your Twitter account is necessary to maintain your businesses reputation. If you fail to answer any questions directed to your Twitter, then that could destroy the tentative trust you have with your clientele.

You’re Not Targeting Your Audience Properly

Are you ensuring that you are posting about topics that are relevant to your targeted demographic? Are you following and interacting with those that have influence within your businesses profession? Are you posting too much about your personal opinion on topics rather than sticking to business-centric Tweets?

If any of the above is the case, then you could be alienating your target audience.

Boring Content (zzz….)

‘We have just added a new t-shirt design for sale on our website. Visit now and have a look.’


‘NEW DESIGN ALERT! A fresh, original new tee has just been added to our collection. 5 are up for grabs… right now! RT to win!’  

Which one do you think would be more valuable when it comes to attracting the attention of your followers? If you picked the latter, then congratulations!

Boring content is just that: boring. Inventive, innovative posts will always work in your favor. Using pictures/videos/vines to illustrate your point is certainly advantageous, too!

Your Twitter Offers Nothing of Value

Think about it: why are people following you on Twitter?

They follow to gain information on the latest news and offers, and contact you to gain direct responses to their queries. The chance of winning competitions by interacting with an account is also an extra incentive. If you are not providing the majority of the aforementioned, then there is little reason for anyone to follow your Twitter feed.

You Don’t Embrace the Limitation of 140 Characters

By limitation, we mean the fact that you can’t post a large quantity of content in an effective manner. Posting multiple Tweets to get your point across is not helpful because it can alienate your viewership due to clogging up their timeline, and you’re much less likely to get your ramblings shared with retweets and favorites.

Twitter limits you to just 140 characters per Tweet, but don’t look at this with a negative viewpoint. Embrace this restraint by crafting short, snappy Tweets that include all the important information you want to share.


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