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4 Industries Trying Pinterest That Shouldn’t

Pinterest is a great social network for many businesses. It is a site that allows companies to showcase their products through images. However, not every business can or should use this site as part of their marketing strategy. Here are four businesses that shouldn’t be using Pinterest.

Financial Institutions

The first business is an industry as a whole and that is banks and credit unions. It is rather difficult to find images that pertain to banking and checking accounts that create interest. While banking and managing money is an essential part of life, it is not an exciting part. And that is what users are looking for on Pinterest, something that excites them and makes them want to share. Capital One is one of the few banks that have managed to create a following on the site, but for the most part, banks should look at other social networks to create a following.


Check out Kmart’s Pinterest site and you can tell immediately what the company is doing wrong. Nothing! That’s because they have no boards and no pins. And as a retailer, they have a lot of potential to draw in followers. Showcase their latest products, new lines, and even promotions. Since the main demographic is women and they do much of the shopping for their families, Kmart is really missing out. Now, compare them to one of their biggest competitors, Walmart. Walmart has 82 boards and over 38,000 followers. They know the importance of using Pinterest to appeal to the women who love to shop.


SuperValue is a grocery company that is also on Pinterest. There are a few things wrong with this site. First, the company included PR in the name, so most people are going to assume it is a marketing site. Of course everyone knows that businesses get on these networks for marketing purposes, but the title makes it sound like it is the focus of the page. The second issue is that there are only a few boards with minimal pins. That is probably the reason why they have less than 200 followers. The boards they do have sound appealing and would interest many users such as Cooking Tips & Tricks and To Your Health. They just need to pin more often to attract a bigger audience.

Lands’ End

So this site should actually have the PR added to it because that is what the page is all about. With the exception of a couple of boards, almost all of them are focused on Lands’ End products. While it is okay to showcase some of your products, Pinterest is not about promotion. It’s about sharing. Share images that help make a difference for your customer or have an impact on their lives. Share something about your company and its values. Sure, share your products so consumers know what you have to offer, but a Pinterest page should be about more than that.

These are just a few examples of mistakes that some companies are making. In fact, you could probably search a list of companies in many industries and find things they are doing wrong or could be doing better. The key is to learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make your own.

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