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When building a business, a social media strategy should be an integral part of it. Without a strong social media presence as part of an optimized digital marketing strategy, you are going to struggle to generate any momentum for your products and services. Whether you want to communicate your philanthropic efforts or a new product launch, social media is the main tool you’re going to use.

To actually generate a following and survive your first year of entrepreneurship, you need to know about some of the most important things regarding social media, so you can avoid making any catastrophic mistakes.

You’re in This for the Long Haul

What many people don’t know is that social media building takes more time than you expect. Just because things are happening fast on social media doesn’t mean that building up your platform follows the same principles.

Social media is about building relationships. It’s about getting people to trust you, and that’s never going to happen in just a few days. It will take weeks and months to generate the authority necessary to actually convince people to come to your website and buy something. Even 41.5% of businesses have said that have yet to reach a point where social media is having an impact on their brands.

If you are going to give up after a month, maybe entrepreneurship isn’t for you?

You’re Late to the Party

You are far from the first entrepreneur to have stumbled across the idea of social media marketing as a concept. Most of your competitors have already got a head start on you. For now, you are always going to be making up for lost ground.

It also means your target audience already knows your competitor. You need to spend time differentiating yourself so you can pull the audience of your prospects towards you. Research what your main competitors are doing and aim to do it better.

It’s Not All in the Numbers

You may be able to use the numbers to discover whether you are making the most out of your SEO campaign or your new mobile navigation feature, however social media is about real people building real relationships. If you just look at the numbers, you are going to become blind to what’s staring you right in the face.

Typically, entrepreneurs who are new to social media marketing will start to obsess over the numbers. The truth is that most of the common metrics on social media mean nothing. The greatest example of this is total number of followers. Really you should be focusing on engagement not on how many thousands of people you have in your community.

If you want to supercharge your social media marketing, it’s time to look beyond the metrics. For example, you wouldn’t just look at your overall star rating you would look at what people are saying and how to turn those negative reviews into positive ones.

Social Media is About Being Social

Social media is about being social.

It sounds like a simple concept and you may be wondering why we feel the need to mention it here. But people use these apps to interact with each other and yet there are businesses not taking that into account. If you are just reposting content across all social media channels, you are not being social. You are not speaking to anyone because there’s no dialogue.

You should be asking questions and answering the questions of others. Treat your business social media network activities as you would your personal social media network activities. Act like they are your own friends.

That doesn’t mean you can’t share your content, but you have to balance that with creating conversation. In the beginning, this may be a struggle, but over time you’ll find it easier because people will be looking to talk to you.

Complementary Strategies

Social media may be the most powerful marketing platform in the world. That doesn’t make it the only platform in the world. Social media works best when you’re combining it with other strategies.

For example, social media is the ideal finishing touch for a well-optimized content marketing strategy. They can both increase the amount of traffic flowing to your website and your following.

The point of this section is that you should be looking at how strategies combine together, rather than just crafting an exclusive campaign for social media.


Never forget these aspects of social media when building up your presence for the first time. What are the biggest issues you’ve experienced with generating a following on social media?