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Why Link Pages Are Bad for SEO

Links will always be a hot topic, regardless of the algorithms update Google decides to launch. More and more people and business owners who own a website, a blog or a retail store, are coming to realize the huge importance of complying with Google’s algorithms, especially with the Hummingbird. Even if keywords are still of paramount importance, Google has started to punish black hat SEO link building tactics such as paid links, low quality links, link exchanges, link pyramids and link pages.

Why Link Pages Are Bad for SEO

You need to know that there are three types of links:

1. Links that hurt the SEO process: social media, link pages.

2. Links that help SEO: forum posts, badges, press release, links in content

3. Links ignored by search engines: infographics, text links, blog rolls, directory links.

When it comes to links, you need to be aware that Google puts a lot of emphasis on this aspect. Acquiring the wrong types of inbound links can be a very risky business. In the end, it has been proven that most businesses will have spent more time cleaning up and removing all these bad links than they would have by looking for good links in the first place.

Additionally, having low-quality or spam external links will also hurt your online presence.

Are Link Pages Really Bad for SEO?

Link pages are standard website pages that contain a list of external links notable to mention. In a blog, these link pages are somewhat like a blogroll. The problem is that since Penguin and more recently the Hummingbird hit the mainstream, the quality and relevance of back links has dramatically increased. On your link page, you probably have a lot of external links that connect to other various websites and blogs online. However, if most of those websites and blogs target other niches than you and moreover they have a low PageRank, you are actually linking your website to “garbage” or “spammy” links.

Outbound links found on your link pages can greatly affect your online reputation, that’s why link farms and reciprocal link schemes are definitely a bad idea. When Google finds you (this is a matter of when), because they will definitely find you out sooner or later, you will have to face terrible penalties, such as loss of Page Rank or even website deletion. This is why it is of paramount importance to ensure you understand why link pages are bad for SEO and you discover how to solve this problem without losing too much time and money.

How to Deal with it?

There are two important things you have to do in order to make sure Google will treat you as a friend, not as an enemy. First of all, you need to clean up these bad links found on your link page. You can either do it manually or use a link cleaner program. While the former is a more time consuming way of solving this problem, it is definitely less expensive than the latter. In order to fully recover, you need to conduct a thorough site and backlinks audit in order to remove any spammy links.

Of course, you can also delete the link page, but this is not recommended, because Google will notice something has happened with your website. Use only white hat SEO tactics and your success online is guaranteed.

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