When It Comes to Twitter, You Have to Be the Best, Not a Pest | 180fusion

businessman in anger screaming puff going out from earsIn this media frenzy world, nothing makes a better communication tool than social media. The fact that 98% of all social media platforms are generally free to access and make use of is what makes them a business tool favorite for many people, both customers and merchants. Unlike Facebook and YouTube however, which are both best for people looking to reach a large audience without any specific target, Twitter makes the ideal business tool for people who wish to make reach a certain type of audience, whether that is socially or for business.

In order to be able to attract the right people, you have to make sure that your page denotes a sense of the kind of brand you are. Remember, in Twitter, it is not about the kind of followers that you have but rather the kind of people or brands that you follow that make your page. Here are some of the things that you have to remember when on Twitter. Keep in mind that when it comes to Twitter, you have to be the best, not a pest if you want to woo people to you.

Twitter Profile

Your Twitter name will be that mark of distinction when people look at your profile. Keep it official if you are on there for business purposes. You will save yourself a lot of stress if you can use the same name as your business. Remember, your name is the first thing a person will see. Your profile must be junk free. If you have a name that is similar to other people’s or has been used widely on there, carefully choose a name that will distinguish you from the rest on there and make sure that your photos denote who you are easily. No one likes following anonymous people or worse still, having anonymous or vague people following them.

Use of Hash Tags

Perhaps one of the most annoying things that anyone can encounter on Twitter is the misuse of hash tags. Don’t just use tags haphazardly, especially when what you are updating has nothing to do with the tag. You should know that tags are just a way to group information that is related to one specific topic. Adding irrelevant information to that group does not only make you annoying, but also foolish. If you are new to the social network and wish to use tags but don’t know how to, there is plenty of information on the net about how to correctly and effectively use # Tags on Twitter.

Updates and Comments

Keep your updates short and sweet. Get to the point in less 124 characters or less, while giving out as much information as you can. This beats updating your status every five minutes to make sure that everyone understands what you have to say. If you must put something up, it should either be informative, news, humorous, creative or inspired. No one likes updates about the fact that you’re on your way to the salon or that you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Remember, even though it is your account, it’s a social network, not a diary.
By masterfully picking what to have on your Twitter profile, be it pictures, your following and content, you can make it one of your best business tools. Tweet gurus know how to make updates go viral; hence they sell more, make more profits, attract more clients and make connections with people they wish to have in their circles. Stop wasting time and energy on expensive advertising, be a tactful tweeter and watch yourself go up the business ladder for free.