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What Is The Google Adwords Program – How to Create Google AdWords Ads & Increase ROI

How to Create Google AdWords AdsGoogle’s AdWords platform has become one of the premiere paid search advertising methods by which businesses sell their services and wares using Google. Their ad network brings in millions of dollars, if not billions each year, for the collective businesses that take part in Google’s network. If you run a business and have an online presence — and anyone who has a business should — having paid ads on Google AdWords should be a part of any online marketing strategy you plan to embark upon.

How Google AdWords Works

Google AdWords is basically marketing platform wherein you bid on words and phrases using a budget to keep it all in check. How to create Google AdWords ads aren’t complicated, but they have a lot of moving parts, and the key ingredients are:

  • Budget. Google allows you to set an overall budget for your advertising campaign, which is a nice way of imposing a self-induced cap on your spending so you don’t go over your limits.
  • Keywords and phrases. Like organic search engine optimization, keywords and phrases are the key toward proper AdWords usage. AdWords assigns each ad a quality score, so it’s important that your keywords and phrases are rigorously researched and implemented.
  • Age range. AdWords can target a specific age range in order to make their ads more targeted, so you won’t be selling the wrong service to the wrong customers, such as products for seniors to teenagers.
  • Geography. AdWords lets you target specific geographical regions using zip codes and other methods in order to narrow the focus even further. This makes sense if you have a locally-based business or several locations in one geographic area.

Once you have all of those in place, you can set up your campaign and watch it go. You will be doing quite a bit of watching too, as a paid ad campaign requires quite a bit of monitoring. Without constant monitoring, you will never learn how to increase your Google AdWords ROI, let alone see what is working and what isn’t.

These are just some of the things that go into a Google AdWords campaign. If this sounds overwhelming to you, then it’s time to call 180Fusion. We can handle your AdWords campaign so you can spend more of your own time doing what you love.

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