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Tips to Increase your Click Through Rate in AdWords

Increase your Click Through RateClick through rate, or CTR, is the percentage of viewers that click upon your sponsored ads. A good CTR is %0.05 percent, but that’s the base of where you want it. CTR is also very pliable based on the competitiveness of the keywords involved and the specificity of the ad itself. Therefore, with sponsored ads, it’s more efficient to use targeted keywords (i.e. “black running shoes”) as opposed to generic keywords (i.e. “shoes”) because your click through rate will likely be much higher due to the decreased amount of impressions in the more targeted keyword.

So what can you do to increase your click through rate in Google’s AdWords program? Here are some tips you might find quite useful:

  • Use negative keywords that will filter out keywords for which you don’t want to your ads displayed, which will help maintain a higher click through rate by avoiding impressions that will never lead to conversions.
  • Create targeted keyword lists that target specific niche audiences, regions, and customer-centric words and phrases that should help maintain a high click through and conversion rate.
  • Use keyword insertion to insert a word from the user’s search into your ad to make it appear even more relevant.
  • In your ads, create unique selling points to make your ad stand out from your competition. This could include your fantastic deals or amazing customer service, for example.
  • Write an engaging, compelling headline for your ad copy that is descriptive, clear, and highlights the product or service you are promoting.

These are just some of the tips you can use to increase your CTR and make your ads more successful. It takes a lot of persistence, patience and timely monitoring of your campaigns to make sure these tips and others are implemented properly. If you feel you could use help in that regard, contact 180Fusion. We can help with efficient and targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) management that monitors your campaign and makes changes accordingly, so your ROI is always positive.

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