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The 4 Best Ways To “Exploit” Search Engine Algorithms

Every time the search engines make changes people become highly concerned. Is their website going to drop in page rank? Are the new algorithms going to cause the traffic to decline? What is the best way to deal with these issues? Perhaps the best way to “exploit” the search engines is to give them what they want in the first place. Here is exactly what I mean:

1.   Give Google What It Wants – Since Google is the principal search engine that all other search engines base their algorithms on, it only makes sense to give Google what it is asking for to help rank your website. Instead of trying to game the system, there are many whitehat search engine optimization techniques that are easy to use and that Google fully approves. For example, using a site map, building a website that is easy to navigate for people and the search engine bots, using high-quality content and focusing singular keywords onto separate pages and delivering good content under each page. Each of these whitehat methods are well known but few marketers use all of them and would help you to outrank your competitors.

2.   Use Whitehat Linkbait For Backlinks – Matt Cutts has pointed out on several occasions that it is okay to use linkbait for backlinks. If you’re not sure what this means, this is when you offer something of value in exchange for backlink. Regardless of the algorithm change high quality backlinks will always play an integral part in being able to rank your website higher than your competition.

3.   Understand Why There Are Algorithmic Changes – Pay attention to what people like Matt Cutts is saying when it comes to specific behaviors that the search engines do not like. Do what you should be doing to promote your website and do not use anything that could be considered gaming the system, such as paid and low quality backlinks, weak content, over advertising on your website and other things that would trip filters like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

4.   Social Signals From Facebook And Twitter – One of the fastest ways to improve your page rank to start to include social signals from both Facebook and Twitter. This means doing and tweets where your website link is part of the content. This is particularly useful if you are writing a blog and by putting daily posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, Google will begin to see social signals associated to your website. If you use WordPress, you can include plug-ins that will help you accomplish the same thing. This increase in social signals is one of the top things that Google is looking for to increase your page rank.

As you can see from these four steps, it is not too difficult to influence the search engines, because few marketers will do all of these things. It’s simply better to give exactly what the search engines want instead of trying to out maneuver them. This is the best way to truly exploit everything in your favor.


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