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Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Shareable

Bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blogs must write posts that entice readers. The more readers your blog receives, higher are the chances of your blog posts being shared by them. Here are ten simple ways to make your blog posts more shareable.

1. Generate quality content

If your blog content is substandard, no one will want to read it, leave alone sharing it. Therefore, primarily, you must make time to write high quality blog posts so they can attract more readers and eventually be shared with others.

2. Proofread your content

Apart from being highly readable, quality content ensures there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Since bloggers are only human, it is natural that there will be some typographical errors from time to time. However, you can make sure these occasional errors do not become habitual if you spend some additional time proofreading your blog posts.

3. Format your posts

Formatting plays a vital role in determining whether your posts are shareable or not. A few extra line breaks and incorrect alignments can hinder the appeal of your blog. So make sure you write blog posts using short paragraphs, lists, headlines and subheads to distribute all the information evenly.

4. Use images consistently

Images add character to text and allow readers to get some rest while reading text-heavy pages. So do not cringe from using pictures whenever possible. However, you must be consistent about the way your pictures are sized and positioned in order to ensure your blog looks more streamlined, neat and professional.

5. Think of interesting headlines

Blog posts need interesting headlines to attract readers. It might be time consuming to think of catchy headlines but a good headline can heighten the chances of your blog posts being shared.

6. Write strong introductions

Like a journalist, always hit the nail on the head. If you can establish what you are discussing in your blog post in the introduction itself, chances are you will have more readers taking an interest in your content.

7. Make your posts shareable

In order to make your posts more shareable, you will have to include relevant social sharing buttons on each of your entries. The easier it is to share your posts, the more they will be shared.

8. Promote your posts

Your social media profiles can be a great way to promote your own blog posts. Different social media profiles have different approaches so you have to be careful about how you promote your posts on each of them. For instance, if you are promoting your posts on Twitter, include the link at the beginning of the tweet, so it is not truncated when retweeted by another person. On the other hand, if you are promoting your posts on Facebook, you could try adding a suitable image to generate curiosity among readers and entice them into clicking on your link.

9. Create quotes

Everyone quotes other people but if you were to create your own quotes, you would be making quite a statement. The more original your content, the more people will want to read it. Use your quote to increase the aesthetics of your blog and your posts will surely be shared!

10. Be timely

It is mandatory that you publish your posts in a timely manner if you want them to be shared. When you publish content at regular intervals, readers start returning to your blog for updates, they begin to trust your content and gradually they start sharing your posts with others who may be interested.

Following the above steps will ensure your blog posts seem more shareable to your readers. So, if you think your blog has not received its fair share of viewers up until now, perhaps it will serve you well to incorporate these suggestions in your future posts.


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