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The competition for online exposure is fierce, no matter what industry your business represents. 180fusion’s tailor made PPC and SEO solutions have been proven to help company after company improve their rankings, increase their online traffic, and get their brand recognized throughout the Internet.

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The Situation: reached out to 180fusion for help in improving the results they were getting from both their Paid and their Organic search efforts. Their strategic goals were to improve Adwords revenue (which had been steadily declining over time, even with increased account spend) and to capture some “organic real estate” for those of their paid ad keywords that had proven to be profitable.

The Solution – PPC: The 180fusion Paid Ads team immediately fixed conversion tracking that had previously been broken, enabling visibility to true account performance metrics for the first time in months. After proper conversion tracking was restored, the team was able to focus on increasing bids for profitable keywords and reducing bids for (or pausing) unprofitable keywords. This process of reducing wasted click-spend allowed for additional budget to be allocated to keywords driving the highest amount of Conversions and Revenue.

The Results – PPC: Within just weeks of fixing the Conversion Tracking and implementing strategic bid changes, the profitability of the account was restored! Additionally, within 6 months of management, the following account performance improvements were achieved:

• Conversion Rate – Increased by 321%!
• Total Conversions – Increased by 222%!
• Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 50%!
• Total Revenue – Increased by 223%!



The Solution – SEO: A comprehensive SEO audit revealed that multiple on-site and off-site initiatives would be required to accomplish their goals. Upon conclusion of this audit, the 180fusion on-site team immediately got to work improving the site’s code to improve site speed and load time. Simultaneously, the content team created research-informed content on the website to improve the site’s relevance for their most desirable keywords. Finally, the off-site SEO team acquired high-quality inbound links from trusted publishers to send additional positive ranking signals to search engines.

The Results – SEO: Once it had been fully optimized for search engines, the site experienced a massive spike in rankings, as well as increased referral traffic from 50+ keywords related to their targeted keyword themes! By positioning the brand well in organic search to attract new visitors at the optimal point in the buying cycle, both their overall traffic and their revenue were dramatically increased.




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