Search Engine Optimization for 2014 And Beyond | 180fusion

Search engine optimization for 2013 was mostly centered on content and how good quality and quantity (more than 500 words) was critical to increases in the search engines. One thing seems true; the typical business website simply does not have time to make the changes necessary to keep up becoming an authority site, so they turn to experts for the quick fixes to increase SERP’s. There is just one problem; there are no long lasting quick fixes anymore. You need to be consistent with your website if you want to become an authority.

So what are critical issues to create an authority site and how should businesses approach achievable optimization steps in the least time? Here are 4 quick tactics you can immediately use to help your page rank, traffic and authority grow:

1. Content Quality Is Very Important – It takes more than overstuffed and excessively fluffy content. Still the search engines love lots of content. As long as the content that you create is well-written, well researched and delivers high value to your readers, this is exactly what you should be putting on your website for maximum search engine penetration, say articles at least 500 words or more.

2.  It is okay to have ads.  What you will be penalized for our excessive ads and ad placement. If the entire page consists of mostly ads and is the center focus, then you definitely are Panda bait. Try to keep any advertisements below the fold and off to the side such as sidebar advertisements. Remember that when people visit your particular page it should be content rich and focused on the keyword and not the advertisements. If you use text link ads make sure they are highly focused and would make sense as part of the content. Use very few of these on your webpage. Try also not to use phrase link advertising such as AdBrite.

3. Understanding Crawl Flow – Crawl flow is simply a way to understand how the search engines crawl and index your site. In 2014, this seems to be a growing concern that you understand exactly how to structure the flow of page rank through your site and making sure that you attach nofollow links to areas that you don’t want crawled. As the search engines become focused on delivering top content, you have to get all of your pages crawled this will assure that you increase traffic and maintain your growing authority and page rank.

4. Freshness – You should be adding content on almost a daily basis to attract the search engines. Fresh content is the equivalent of having bait to make sure that your pages are being routinely crawled. Not only will this help improve readership and frequency of visits and that people will return to your site, there will be more traffic being delivered by the search engines. This will also guarantee deeper indexing and high refresh rates to anyone searching for similar content. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future as all the search engines want to be the most relevant so they jump on new content quickly.

These four tips are a great way to stay on the cutting-edge of 2014 and beyond. You will continue to grow traffic, more readers, and subscribers as well as search engine bots, which will be able to help your overall page rankings grow.