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Quality Score: Why it’s Important

A lot of our clients come to us as first time Pay Per Click (PPC) clients, but even more clients come to us because they aren’t satisfied with how their current PPC Marketing is doing. One of the biggest killers of PPC efforts is
something called your website’s Quality Score. A Quality Score is a number somewhere between 1 and 10 and is a ranking assigned by Google. The quality score, as indicated by its name, is how high or low Google ranks the quality of your site.

What that Quality Score Means to You

Quality Score determines:

  • If your ad is eligible for display — some quality scores are so low, that Adwords will not publish an ad
  • The minimum bids you need to set in Adwords
  • The cost per click
  • The spot that your ad is placed in when it appears

Your Quality Score is essentially a rating on how relevant your PPC keywords are when compared to your ad copy and landing pages. Since the primary function of a search engine is to supply relevant websites and advertisements to the person completing the search, relevancy is crucial to your PPC success.

Increasing your relevancy is a win-win:

  • Potential leads find what they need when they land on your page
  • You get rewarded for creating valuable content and landing pages
  • The search engines generate a profit by connecting the searcher to what they’re looking for — you

So, what determines your Quality Score?

  • The history of how often a searchers sees your ad or you link in the search results and clicks through to your site. This is called your CTR or click-through rate.
  • The relevance of keywords you want to advertise or rank for compared to the content that person lands on
  • How quickly your page loads, the simplicity of your site’s structure, etc
  • Other factors that the all mighty search engines don’t want to publish

In a nutshell, what needs to be done to increase your Quality Score?

  • On site search engine optimization — if your website’s coding and copy aren’t optimized for the search engine, the search engine may not even bother attempting to rank you.
  • Improve the organization of your website’s copy:
    • Relevance: Create content that focuses on what you want to advertise and have your ad link directly to the page with that information.
    • Uniqueness: Never, ever, copy content from someone else. Make sure your content is original and useful.
    • Simple Design: The path of a client from your home page to other content areas should be clean and simple. The structure of the URLs should also be clean, simple and use relevant keywords for PPC.

    To find out more about your Quality Score as well as how to improve it and your overall online marketing success, contact the 180fusion SEO Services and PPC department today!

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