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Local SEO for Small Businesses: Connect with Your Target Market

For every business in the market, whether new or old, at least one thing is essential to keep the business running: customers. The way a business obtains customers is an ever-evolving climb as the way information is disseminated across the market changes and technology progresses. New ways of reaching broader target markets, or better reaching a current market, are discovered as the internet becomes a place of communication and advertising. For small businesses looking to reach potential customers and push ahead of the competition, local SEO for small businesses have helped businesses make that step forward.

Brand Recognition

According to a September 2012 Pew Research Center survey, 81% of U.S. adults use the internet. If you are a small business looking to reach consumers, the internet is a source for your brand to surface where people will be looking. Local SEO for small businesses helps local businesses boost brand recognition by placing the company’s website in the sight of potential customers on a Google search. Google Local SEO and Google Maps SEO can rank a company’s online profile: company name, address, phone number, hours of operation, so that when someone searches for a business that matches your keywords, you pop up and your brand is on their mind.


According to another study conducted by the Pew Research Center in December 2012, it was found that 87% of U.S. adults own a cell phone and 45% of those own a smartphone. If your customers are going to be online, you should, too! With such a large percentage of adults using smartphones in the U.S., your online presence will become a key tool in bringing addition customers to your doors. Searching online for a restaurant to try, or a shop while on the go is one way technology has shaped the way businesses and customers meet. Local SEO for small businesses will help you be more visible to customers, no matter where they are.


Using the internet to connect you will existing and potential customers is becoming a vital source of communication for small businesses. Small business SEO will help you be found easier when your target market is searching online. Additional online efforts are found to be helpful, as well, whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or regularly blogging on your website.  Establishing your presence online gives you the opportunity to interact with the millions of people that are online daily and will increase your chances of connecting with your target market and bringing new customers to you.

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