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How to Keep Your Instagram Following Coming Back

So, you’ve set up a profile on Instagram. And you’ve uploaded some great photos and videos to attract new followers. Now, the next question to ask yourself is how to keep those coming back. If it generally takes customers several times of viewing something to get interested or to try a new product or service, then businesses that use Instagram must work just as hard to keep their followers coming back as they do to get new ones.

Make It Fun

Not every image should be about your business, especially if it is a serious topic. Incorporate some fun, humorous images that will make people feel good (and share). While you should still try to make the images relevant to your company, you can use your imagination on how to do that even if it’s a stretch. You could even acknowledge that the image has nothing to do with your company with a comment like, “This has nothing to do with X Company but isn’t it cute? Share if you agree.”

Return the Favor

If someone follows you and likes your photos, do the same on their pages. If people think you are interested in them, they will be more interested in you. This step does take a bit of effort on your part, but really, does it take any longer than sending an email or calling a customer just to check in? Marketing experts have always stressed the importance of maintaining contact with current customers and this is just another way to do that. Except in this case, the customer is a follower on Instagram.

Know What Your Followers Care About

Posting images of things your followers are interested in is one sure way to get them to come back. Are they inspired by healthy living? Is being organized important to them? What about social causes? When you provide images that meet a need or desire of your followers, they will return to look for more. Include images and videos that provide information to educate, inspire or encourage your followers and they will make time to visit your page more often.

Encourage Interaction

Encourage your followers to get involved by creating contests on Instagram through Facebook. Ask for comments. Also, don’t forget the importance of using Facebook to promote your Instagram photos. And then reward those who follow you on the site. Use rewards codes and coupons that are exclusive. People like to feel they are special and they will come back often to see if there’s anything new for them.

Any business that can effectively answer the question customers ask, “What’s in it for me?” will develop a loyal following that continues to grow over time. You might not see overnight success, but you will gain new followers and they will stay with you as long as they see the benefits for them. Just remember to focus on your customers and followers first when creating your campaign on Instagram and they will keep coming back.

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