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How To Drive Traffic With Infographics: Key Components

Infographics are a popular way of presenting information in visual form. They’re attractive, eye catching and if done right, they can drive huge volumes of traffic to your website. This article will outline the key concepts for successfully generating thousands of new visitors to your site with infographics.

1. Find a Hot Topic

One of the keys to success with infographics is finding the right topic. With a hot topic, your infographic will naturally go viral and generate thousands of organic shares.

There are two main ways to find a hot topic. The first is to use the social networks to find a completely fresh, trending topic. The second is to look at the existing content on your site and find the most social topics.
To find a completely fresh trending topic, you can use a range of social networks. Pinterest’s ‘Popular’ category [1], Twitter’s trending tags and Google+’s ‘Explore’ tool [2] are all great sources of existing viral content and topics. Simply browse through the content and find the hot topics that are relevant to your website.
To find the most social content on your site, open up your site analytics and then take a look at the pages that are getting the most visits from the social networks. Since these pages are already performing well socially, an infographic on a similar topic is likely to be very popular and get a good response.
2. Design an Eye Catching Infographic
Once you have a hot topic, the next step is to design an eye catching infographic based around this topic. An unappealing infographic will get ignored and have readers clicking away while a visually appealing infographic will have readers clicking, sharing and helping it go viral.
To make sure your infographic is eye catching, pay attention to the tips below when creating your infographic:
-  Use a consistent theme throughout with colors that are easy on the eye.

– Use attractive graphics that are memorable but also relevant to the overall theme of the infographic.

– Ensure the infographic isn’t too text heavy and that any text it contains is separated out into small, easy to read blocks.

– Brand the infographic with your company logo and website URL.
3. Build Your Presence on the Social Networks

A hot, eye catching infographic is a great starting point and has a great chance of going viral. However, to increase its virality and traffic potential, you need to be building your presence on the social networks. By having a large, engaged following on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+, you can publish your infographic to thousands of interested fans instantly. These fans will quickly share your infographic, help it spread across the social networks and drive huge amounts of additional traffic back to your site.

To build your presence on the social networks, try to be active on them every day. Comment on other people’s posts, participate in communities and share relevant posts that you find interesting. You’ll find that with just a few minutes each day, your social following will grow very quickly and you’ll be able to reap the rewards.
4. Ask Bloggers to Share Your Infographic
One final way to drive traffic with your infographic and give it an extra boost is to directly ask bloggers in your niche to share or publish it. These bloggers will have their own following who will directly click through to your website after reading the infographic and also share it with their friends which will enhance its performance on the social networks.

By following these four steps, you’ll be able quickly produce infographics that people love to share and generate a steady stream of social traffic back to your website. The best part is the more infographics you create, the more traffic you’ll generate. So get started today and give your website the traffic boost it deserves.




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