How SEO Is Affected By Social Strategy

Strong SEO doesn’t just happen on your website and inside your site’s code. These days, a really strong SEO strategy includes a really strong social media strategy.

Think about it this way; a search engine’s goal is to determine how valuable your content is. This used to be decided based on the number of inbound links a site had. Today, Google is looking beyond web links to determine relevance. Now Google is looking at social signals to determine what’s valuable and what’s not.

Social media activity is now a gauge of your influence, your authority and the value of the content you create.

The New Links

Link building is an important part of SEO. That is, as long as the links were good, quality, inbound links from high-value website. Well, now Google views links from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as high-value inbound links.

In fact, it’s said that a page that has a lot of social activity, tweets, shares, +1s, will get indexed up to 50 percent faster by search engines than a page with no social activity.

Here’s how it works: each time your site, or one of your posts, is shared via social media you get credit from search engines. However, just like some websites carry more weight than others when it comes to authority, some social shares are more valuable than others.

When it comes to inbound links from social media users, the more important the user, the more weight Google gives to their link. So someone with a high Klout score, for instance, who Tweets about your site will be viewed as an authority validating your content. Someone with an active, engaged Facebook page who posts your content will be validating your authority in your subject.

On the flip side, if the people sharing your content don’t have much pull, or much authority themselves, their shares will not benefit you as much.

Your Social Influence

Google will not only look at the incoming social media activity as a barometer of your authority, it will also look at your own social media activity. Just like it’s important to post regularly to your website, it’s important that your social media presence is current as well.

This means that any social profiles you have tied to your website should be maintain regularly. This means that all of these social profiles are posting, tweeting, +1ing on a regular basis.

It also means that these social profiles should to be popular. Or, as popular as you can make them. The more social influence your page has, the better.

Good Content Gets Rewarded

The bottom line is this; Google is getting smarter at determining what online content is truly adding value. It’s getting wiser at discovering who are the true authorities on any given subject. And one way they’re doing this is by letting other subject matter authorities make the call.

For real marketers, providing real value, this is good news.