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Case Study: eCommerce PPC


The Situation: Wholesale Tankless sought the assistance of 180fusion in helping them decrease their Cost-per-Conversion and increase their Total Conversions in AdWords. After 4 straight months of increasing Conversion costs, they realized that their AdWords account would require professional management in order to keep pace with their larger competitors, and they selected 180fusion to assist them in reducing click and conversion costs in order to restore profitability.
The Solution: The 180fusion PPC team immediately started restructuring the AdWords account, creating new Campaigns and Ad Groups specifically focused on their best selling product lines and eliminating “non-transactional” and underperforming keywords in the account. Next, Ad Copy was improved and relevant Ad Extensions were added to all Campaigns in order to improve click-thru-rates, boost Ad Rank, and reduce click costs. Finally, a comprehensive Google Shopping campaign was created and correctly structured to allow for product-level bidding based upon profitability.
The Results: 180fusion’s AdWords restructuring efforts had an immediate positive impact on account profitability, with the average Cost-per-Conversion being cut by 40% in the first month alone and additional performance improvements following in every month thereafter.


In 7 months of management, the following performance metrics have been dramatically improved:
• Click-Through-Rate – Increased by 122%!
• Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 20%!
• Total Conversions – Increased by 97%
• Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 55%!


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