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Case Study: National Pay Per Click


Type of Site: is the eCommerce website of Knopman Marks, offering online FINRA Licensing exam preparation courses, including mobile apps and lectures.

The Situation: came to 180fusion for assistance in managing their AdWords account. Despite being a recognized leader in the financial education space for nearly 25 years, they were having difficulty selling their online education courses through AdWords and had been spending thousands of dollars a month to get less than 10 sales per month in return.

The Solution: The 180fusion PPC team began work by immediately fixing AdWords account structure, tightly grouping keyword themes by Ad Groups and improving ad copy in order to improve Quality Scores, allowing them get premium Ad Positions while paying less than their competitors. Next, automated rules and bid adjustments were enabled to allocate budgets more effectively to the highest performing Ad Groups and Keywords. Finally, day parting was configured to adjust bids based on time of day, day of week, geographic location, and type of device in order to further weight account spending to the most profitable geographic areas, times, and devices.

The Results: The result of the account restructuring was immediate, with Total Conversions increasing by 466% in the first month alone!


Additional optimization in the following months generated exponential improvement in all measures of account performance, including the following metrics:
 Average Cost-per-Click: Decreased by 47%!
 Total Conversions: Increased by 4333%!
 Average Cost-per-Conversion: Decreased by 98%!
 Total Revenue: Increased by 2246%!

As a result, overall revenue from PPC has increased each month since they partnered with 180fusion, and has led to the best financial quarter in the company’s history!


Total conversions increased by 4333%
 Cost Per Click decreased by 47%
 Total Revenue increased 2246%
Cost-per-Conversion decreased 98%!

Client Testimonial: “I don’t know what you guys are doing, but just keep doing it!”– Brian Marks, Partner, Knopman Marks

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