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With the right tools, PPC and SEO can work for everyone, no matter how small, new, or old a company might be. Here’s what we were able to do for Shamans Market…




Type of Site: is an eCommerce website that sells incense, healing bracelets, candles, essential oils, and yoga/meditation supplies for spiritual practices.

The Situation: Shamans Market came to 180fusion for assistance in managing their Google AdWords account. As a long-time advertiser on Adwords, they had watched their account’s performance steadily deteriorate over the course of a few years as they added additional product lines to their site, and sought out professional help to improve account performance and restore profitability.

The Solution: The 180fusion PPC team immediately got to work pausing all the account’s non-performing keywords to reduce wasted click-spend, as well as rewriting all ad copy to improve keyword-richness and relevance, thus increasing the account’s Quality Scores. Next, all remaining keywords received strategic bid adjustments to ensure that profitability targets were being met. Finally, additional keywords and Google Shopping campaigns were introduced to make sure that the account provided adequate coverage of all their product lines.

The Results: Steady improvement over time has led to dramatic increases in account performance, with the number of conversions increasing by 171% in a matter of 4 months and by 437% in 18 months of management:




After 18 months of consistent improvement, the performance achievements are as follows:

 Conversion Rate – Increased by 435%!
 Average Cost-per-Click – Decreased by 42%!
 Total Conversions – Increased by 437%!
 Average Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 89%!






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