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Case Study: National Competitive SEO & PPC


Type of Site: is a website that offers appraisals of antiques, art, furniture, and rare collector items.

The Situation: came to 180fusion for assistance in building their internet presence in the United States. As they sought to break into the US market, and despite previous success building their brand in the UK, they needed help managing an integrated SEO and PPC initiative that would generate both positive brand awareness and direct sales in the US.

The Solution: PPC: Instead of duplicating the existing UK-targeted AdWords account structure, the
180fusion Paid Search team opted to build the new US-based account from scratch; focusing the
most aggressive bids and the majority of their ads budget on keywords that indicated “transactional
intent.” The text ad copy was entirely rewritten to better express the primary value
proposition of their unique business offering. While Remarketing and additional “exploratory”
Display Network campaigns were added to the account to reach additional users at the top and
bottom of their conversion funnel.

The Results: PPC: The new 180fusion-built AdWords account outperformed the original UK
AdWords account, despite years of historical data accrued in the existing account.
During the same time period, the new account outperformed the existing account in the following
 Average Click-thru-Rate: Increased by 226%
 Average Conversion Rate: Increased by 576%
 Total Conversions: Increased by 281%
 Average Cost-per-Conversion: Decreased by 85%


The Solution: SEO: The 180fusion SEO team immediately began on-site SEO work, fixing crawl errors, broken links, and duplicate content issues, as reported through their Google Webmaster Tools Account. The on-page content and code were then modified to improve text, title, and description relevance to their most important search queries. Lastly, an extensive link outreach effort was launched to acquire high-quality contextual inbound links from relevant, authoritative websites in order to improve trust and authority signals to search engines.

The Results: SEO: Within 8 months of beginning SEO work with 180fusion, their primary target keywords, once on Pages 2-5 of Google, are now ALL on Page 1; traffic and organic conversions have also increased substantially.


Above are the results for the keywords: Art appraisals, Coin appraisals, Rare book value, and Online appraisal.

Client Testimonial: “I feel that the client care at 180fusion is top notch, and I feel like that is why they are one of the top 500 growing companies in the United States. My best advice for when people are considering to hire 180fusion is to do it!”
– Megan Mulroony, Head of Marketing,
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