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Case Study: eCommerce PPC


Type of Site: is a high-quality fur and leather eCommerce store, providing fine fur coats at discounted prices.

The Situation: came to 180fusion in need of eCommerce PPC assistance. They had historically struggled with AdWords conversion tracking, account structure, and proper campaign organization, and because of these issues had experienced difficulty in proving a positive ROI from their paid search campaigns. When they decided to seek the help of AdWords professionals, they were referred by a friend to 180fusion.

The Solution: The 180fusion PPC team went to work restructuring every aspect of the account, rebuilding all Campaigns and Ad Groups from maximum keyword-theme relevance, and ensuring that all products were adequately represented with a corresponding Campaign or Ad Group. Next, an extensive audit of conversion tracking elements was conducted to ensure they had were installed and reporting correctly. Finally, equipped for the first time with accurate tracking data, account trends were analyzed consistently on a week-over-week basis to identify lucrative keywords and winning ad combinations, and strategic bidding was enacted to promote the Ad Positions of top performers.

The Results: As a result of the new account structure, account performance improved immediately, with total sales increasing by 173% in just the first month of the partnership!


Additional changes made in the following month generated even more improvement to performance, including the following key metrics:
 Average Cost-per-Click: Decreased by 9.9%!
 Conversion Rate: Increased by 96%!
 Cost-per-Conversion: Decreased by 53%!
 Total Conversions: Increased by 137%!
Most importantly, the changes contributed to record-breaking months in terms of company profitability, with the account generating $47,843 in revenue on just $17,433 of AdWords spend, for a Total Return on Ad Spend of 174%!



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