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Case Study: eCommerce PPC


Type of Site: Ecommerce site specializing in selling recharges for pre-paid mobile phone plans.

The Situation: As a first-time advertiser in a competitive industry, realized they’d need professional assistance in managing their AdWords campaign if they were to compete with their larger, well established competitors. After evaluating multiple partnership options, they selected 180fusion as their full-service AdWords management provider.

The Solution: The 180Fusion team immediately got to work building the new AdWords account. First, individual campaigns were created for each product line, complete with highly segmented Ad Groups to maximize keyword relevance, increase Quality Scores, and reduce per-click costs. Next, keyword-rich ads were written and introduced for split testing in each Ad Group to increase Click-through-Rates, and were individually optimized to minimize Average Cost-per-Conversion. Finally, bids and budgets were re-allocated between the different product lines based on performance and profitability.

The Results: The buildout process and initial optimizations yielded immediate results, with the Cost-per-Conversion in the account being cut by over 50% in the first two months of the account’s existence! These improvements to account efficiency allowed them to scale AdWords spend quickly, resulting in additional revenue and profit.


Within just 9 months of the initial Account buildout, the following improvements were made to account performance:
• Click-thru-Rate – Increased by 112%!
• Conversion Rate – Increased by 182%!
• Total Conversions – Increased by 1154%!
• Cost-per-Conversion – Decreased by 76%!




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