Benefits of Using My Client Center

One of the many features of Google AdWords is My Client Center (MCC)—a user-friendly platform where agencies can manage multiple clients and their AdWords campaigns.

MCC helps you stay organized as you manage your clients. You can see all relevant information in a single place. An organized account manager is a successful account manager, and using MCC can help you achieve a solid strategy, and effectively manage all aspects of your PPC campaigns and services.

Tracking your PPC campaign is critical to its success, as well as the accumulation of data needed to improve campaigns and marketing efforts. MCC gives you an excellent overview of areas of success, as well as areas of need. Adwords online backlink analysisYou have two tabs: one with performance metrics, and the other with a budget overview. These readily-available figures can give you all of the information you need on a user-friendly, and highly-accessible platform.

Rule applications can be applied across multiple accounts, including automated rules to be executed outside of business hours, or certain activity when you are not logged into the account. You can specify these rules, apply them across multiple accounts, and actively monitor their implementation. You can pause poor-performing ads, adjust your budgets, enable ad scheduling, etc.

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