Alternative PPC Networks

Google AdWords can be an incredibly helpful system for managing your PPC campaigns. However, there are several alternatives worth considering. If you find that Google AdWords just isn’t for you, you can easily choose a PPC alternative.

-Yahoo! Bing: While this isn’t an exponentially less expensive alternative to Google AdWords, it was created with the intent to compete with the features offered by Google AdWords. It is worth shopping between the two options to find which best suits your needs, as it provides a pretty decent market size.PPC alternatives

-Facebook Paid Ads: Billions of people have accounts on Facebook. It’s the perfect place to target your PPC ads, as you reach a diverse audience, and even have the flexibility to target certain demographics depending on age, location, gender, etc.

-BySellAds: This is one of the largest networks for disseminating banner ads in every corner of the web. The process is relatively intuitive, full of voices, and incredibly convenient for your PPC campaign management needs.

-7Search: This is a leading management tool in terms of lower cost vs. ROI. It offers generally high conversions, and serves as a low-cost alternative for AdWords.

An important thing worth considering is your budget. If you have a higher budget, it’s highly recommended that you opt for Google Adwords, or Yahoo! Bing. Both have a farther reach than cheaper alternatives, and are likely to provide the best ROI. However, if your business is small, you may have to settle for a smaller reach. But remember: running a smaller PPC campaign is more important than not running a PPC Campaign. Work with what you can, and opt for the best ROI in the long run.

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