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Advertising on Tinder: Will It Work?

Tinder is the new app phenomenon that has addicted many users in recent months. The question businesses are asking is “When can we advertise?” Right now, there is no open way to advertise, but that may change in the future.

Who is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app designed for mobile users. Unlike most dating sites, you don’t have to spend hours sitting in front of a computer creating a profile and looking at other users’ profiles to create a match. With Tinder, you can connect via Facebook with a profile already set and just start browsing. You swipe profiles to the left if you aren’t interested and to the right if you are. If both people swipe to the right, a match is made and you can begin texting.

As more people move to mobile devices, Tinder has the possibility of becoming a big attraction for people looking to meet someone. You can use the app when you are on the go, and there are plans to expand it to connecting people for purposes other than dating in the future.

What Tinder Can Do for Businesses

Tinder has no specific plans to allow advertising at this time. However, they have entered into what has been called “strategic partnerships” with The Mindy Project that allowed TV personalities to create fake profiles and allow matches to see exclusive content. This implies that there is room for advertising in the future.

While Tinder is seen as a dating app, it may also be viewed as a social network, especially if it moves to other kinds of connections. And it is well-known that the big social sites move to advertising at some point in their existence.

There is also the situation where some companies have already created fake profiles and begun advertising to their matches. While Tinder works to remove any fake ads, there is big exposure to those that are on the site even for a limited time.

Businesses could profit greatly if advertising were allowed on Tinder. They could create profiles that would attract a certain audience. They could then target their customers and provide amazing deals with those that match them. Rather than dealing with mass traffic, businesses would see more targeted traffic that has the potential to become paying customers. Businesses that offer products that the demographics are looking for would do well on Tinder. This would include companies that provide services that are ideal for dates, such as restaurants, movie theaters, and other places. Fashion and makeup companies and even health and fitness retailers could do well here.

Will Tinder take advantage of its popularity to make the move to advertising? At this point, who knows what direction the founders want to go, but it seems like a win-win situation if it moves towards advertising. After all, who wouldn’t want a great deal to save money while still taking someone on an amazing first date? Or get a hot new outfit for that special night out?

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