6 Tips for Making Your PPC Ads Stand Out On Google

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Anyone who has ever tried to advertise on Google knows how difficult it is to stand out. Your next PPC campaign needs to work to stand out. And now has never been a better time to do this because PPC ads have become so effective that 55% of people now don’t recognize the difference between normal search results and paid ads. That’s a good thing because it means they’re getting more effective.

But standing out from the crowd is never easy and you need to start paying attention to that this year. This guide is going to show you how your PPC ads can stand out on Google.

Use Location Targeting for Offline Businesses

It’s unbelievable how many businesses will blindly spend money to get people into their stores. Most people making local searches will eventually visit that store within 24 hours. That means if you want to stand out you have to make sure your ad is being shown to the right people.

Location targeting in AdWords is one of the best tools you have at your disposal. Google makes it easy for you to target people based on where they are at any given moment. If you want people to visit your land-based store, only show it to people who’re located in the area at the time.

Make it All About the End Goal

You can no longer use the word ‘click’ in your PPC ads. Google implemented this change because they didn’t want their search engine results to seem like they’re spamming users. With such a short number of words and characters at your disposal, you can’t fit in all the features and benefits of your product.

You’re going to have to take a different approach. The answer to this is to make everything about the end goal. Focus on the main reason why people are going to be searching for you in the first place. Concentrate on that one goal. Your site can explain everything else.

People want an answer, so give them it.

Use Loss Aversion

Nobody wants to lose out on some potential savings or benefits. They want to be able to get everything without losing. Take advantage of this through adding a sense of loss aversion to your ads. Google has made it easy to add a countdown timer.

There’s a difference between PPC ads that tell you how you can save money and PPC ads that tell you that X amount was saved in the last week.

Play around with these loss aversion tactics. Tell people how the offer is for a limited time only.

Be More Specific

One of the mistakes killing your success with PPC ads is the fact that you’re targeting too many people. The more specific an ad can get the more it’s going to stand out to the right audience. Reduce you reach and focus more on hitting people who actually want to hear from you.

The more specific you can get the better. It also allows you to cram as much information into your ad as you can. Remember that Google advertising is all about conversions not the amount of traffic you can bring in.

Make it Personal

There’s a huge amount of good you can do by changing the mode of address. Don’t write a generic ad that doesn’t target anyone. Talk about ‘you’ and ‘I’. These modes of address are much more personal and they’re more likely to catch the eye. People want to think that you’re speaking directly to them.

Google advertising allows you to easily split test different modes of address, so make sure you’re testing this out now.

Split Testing is the Answer to Everything

There are no silver bullets for advertising here. PPC advertising is about testing ads against each other and seeing which ones perform best. You want to make sure that you have the optimal setup for advertising. The only way you’re going to do this is through frequent testing.

It’s a fluid process that will continue even when you’re getting the numbers you want. The best companies are always testing to make sure they’re still fulfilling the needs of their customers. You should be checking your Google AdWords numbers every single day.

Conclusion – Making Your Ads Stand Out

Effective PPC advertising will require a significant investment of time and money on your part. This is a big price to pay for many small businesses, but in the long-term it’s one of the best ventures you can ever embark on. You’re working on a search engine that gives you access to the largest number of users on the planet.

How are you going to make your ads stand out on Google?

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