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3 Ways to Lose Customers

If you’ve noticed a decline in your revenue recently, you may be feeling panicked. This probably means that you either have customers who are not spending as much with you or you have fewer customers. Here are three ways you might be losing your customers and how you can find the solution to the issue.

Lack of Advertising

There’s something you need to realize; your competition is advertising. If you aren’t, then your competition is stealing your customers. Even if you are advertising some, you may not be doing enough. It is expected that marketing teams will spend as much as $135 billion on digital marketing alone in 2014. If you’re not part of that statistic, your customers will be going elsewhere.

Advertising isn’t just about attracting new customers; it’s about staying in the minds of your current customers. People are often fickle; they pay attention to whatever is in front of them in the moment. If they need a product or service and it’s your competitor’s ad they see, they are more likely to give them a call.

Lack of Connection

Digital marketing has made it easier to advertise to your customers. However, this means much more than just setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account. You also need to interact with your customers to let them know they matter to you. If they are following your page, there’s a good chance they may be following the pages of your competition, too. The deciding factor on where they do business may be who pays more attention to them.

Follow up with your customers when they submit a comment on your page. You may even want to make a comment on their pages occasionally to let them know you notice them. Send them emails on a regular basis about your sales, latest products, or just to let them know what you’ve been up to. You can’t use lack of time as an excuse because there are automated systems that send out your emails automatically.

Poor Customer Service

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that customer service isn’t as important as it used to be with online ordering. However, the exact opposite is true. Because you are dealing with someone you’ll never meet face-to-face, the transaction can seem impersonal. It is even more important that you offer excellent customer service whenever you get the chance.

In fact, good customer service won’t even be good enough. You want to stand out from the crowd by being even better. Today’s customers know they have a voice with social media and online forums. It doesn’t take long for word to spread when you make a mistake or provide less than stellar customer service for a client. On the other hand, average service won’t get you any mentions. It’s only when you go beyond the call of duty or when you exceed their expectations that they are willing to tell their friends about it. And when you don’t provide that level of customer service, they may find someone who does from the recommendations of their friends.

If you don’t want to lose any more customers, you need to focus on three things: advertising, following up with your customers, and providing excellent customer service. After all, keeping a customer is better than having to find a new one.

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