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3 Eye-Opening Statistics about Mobile Internet Users

As more people purchase tablets and smartphones and increase their usage of these portable devices, it becomes essential for businesses to understand the importance of being mobile. Here are three big statistics about mobile and why you should care.

75% of users expect a mobile optimized website

As more people use smaller devices, they want websites that will load quickly and adapt to the size of their screens. If your website is not designed for mobile, it is likely that potential customers will click to the next site because it is too cluttered, takes too long to load, or is difficult to view. That is a sale lost, a contact that could have been made but wasn’t.

If you want to compete for today’s customers, you have to reach them where they are, and the best way to do that is with a mobile-optimized website. To create a mobile site that meets their needs, you will have to find out what consumers are looking for and where they are coming to your site from.

67% of mobile users say they are more likely to buy from a mobile optimized site

The same reasoning on why they’ll visit a mobile optimized site over a traditional one holds true in why they’ll buy from that site. They want the purchasing process to be quick and painless. These are people on the go; they don’t want to have to input a lot of information or move from page to page to complete an order, especially on a tiny screen. If it’s too difficult, they’ll probably not make the purchase. If you are driving visitors to your site with the goal that they make a purchase or complete an action step, you have to make it as easy for them as possible.

A few ways to achieve this goal is to create a mobile site that focuses on simplicity. Allow plenty of white space to make it easy for users to click where they need, and keep ordering tasks on one page. Avoid Flash and make it faster for people to enter their information with dropdown menus and fields that pre-populate.

Over 50% of mobile users search for local businesses on their mobile devices

Conducting searches on the go is a common occurrence today with so many people carrying smartphones and tablets everywhere. They may be out with friends and decide to get something to eat. They may be running errands and want to check on which business has a product they’re looking for. Whatever the case may be, more people are using their mobile devices to search for businesses. When they do, they want to find someplace around five miles of their current location and they want to find out specific information about this business, like open and close times, address, and phone number.

Even if it’s a business they already know, many consumers will conduct a search to find out about sales or special offers. This often leads to an in-store visit and a sale for the business. This proves how important it is for businesses to have an online presence even if they only market to local consumers. Many of those people are finding them through the internet. More specifically, they are searching on their mobile devices for the best place to meet their needs.

These three statistics should give you some valuable insight on how important being mobile is to a business today. Figure out where you need to improve to increase your customer base and continue to see your business grow.

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