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180Fusion SEO Case Study: Top 10 Google Search Engine Ranking Positions

At 180Fusion, we strive to ensure that all of our clients–big or small–get the results that they want. We ensure that we give each client individualized attention to ensure that their needs are met and heard.

Here’s a great case study for National Competitive SEO. The company,, is financially backed in-part by Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Dallas Mavericks, etc.) and it’s been great to see them get such amazing results.

The accompanying Video Testimonial to this Case Study can be viewed here:


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    If the PPC advertising service you are using does not
    provide a transformation tracker, and you can not create Google
    Analytics, decide to try one thing more basic: In a spreadsheet,
    monitor the amount of conversions, total, a day.
    Do the conversions enhance when you begin your campaign?


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