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180Fusion Reviews: Clean Harley’s Case Study

180Fusion reviews are easy to come by. One of the most useful ways we have found to present our results to clients is by case studies.

Clean Harleys

The type of site:  Car dealer in Texas that sells motorcycles.

The Situation:

With a preexisting Adwords account that had just a few clicks and poor click through rates, Clean Harley’s came to 180Fusion looking for a campaign where they could make money and increase the traffic to their site. With a staff that had little working knowledge of PPC they needed professional, personalized attention to the campaign.

The Solution:

By having a dedicated account manager and team of analysts assigned to their online strategy, 180Fusion presented to them professional PPC management to maximize the search spend while providing full transparency to the strategy. Quickly the results kicked in and over the course of the first 6 months increased the visitors to the site and significantly improved the quality of traffic but weeding out the unprofitable and waste in the account and getting strong ad position that resulted in increased quality and in turn increased new sales opportunities.

The Results:

Within 6 months with the same amount of search engine spend:

-        Tripled the click thru rate (CTR)

-        Increase clicks by 1000 of converting traffic in target market

-        Moved up the average ad position that started at 3.8 to 2.3 to get high quality of traffic for converting terms

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