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180fusion Customer Review: PPC Success Story

We like to brag that our pay per click service is among the best in the industry. Of course, we understand that every marketing company that offers managed PPC probably thinks their program is the best. 180fusion has spent countless hours ensuring that each pay per click campaign is set up smoothly and will create success. In fact, 180fusion has helped 5,000+ businesses with their SEO, PPC, and web design services. We have experience in nearly every industry imaginable!

Although we could go on and on about our successes, we believe that the success of our customers speaks the loudest. Take a look at a review of one of our extremely satisfied customers:

“I’ve run two small businesses over the past 5 years, and I’ve gotten my best PPC results by working with 180fusion. Their team is smart, thorough, well-trained, and they put my success and satisfaction first. Before the end of my second month, I started seeing my investment coming back to me through the campaigns they set up. I’ve been through a few different PPC companies at different price points, and I can’t recommend 180fusion more highly.” Ryan Freilino, Founder of

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