10 PPC Tools You Need to Try This Year



The problem with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns is that it’s very easy to lose a lot of money in a short space of time. When 75% of marketers don’t understand content it should come as no surprise.

If you are finding yourself drowning in insider tips and still not getting the results you need, you are likely at a loss as to what to do. That’s okay and this happens to even the best. But there are tools that can smooth the process and make things easier for you.

This guide is going to introduce you to the 10 PPC tools you absolutely have to incorporate into your campaigns this year.


AdWords Editor

If you are the type of person to run large campaigns or multiple campaigns at the same time, the AdWords Editor is essential. It can do everything from bulk edits to optimizing each campaign individually. It may look similar to the online version, but this is up to five times faster. This can vastly improve your efficiency and give you a lot of time back.


Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads are essential for any PPC user. Yet they’re something people ignore simply because they have nothing to do with Google. Either way, this is an untapped source that you absolutely should be using. The Bing Ads Editor is a must have for the same reasons that the AdWords Editor is a must have.

It’s about making and managing campaigns up to five times faster than you can do online via your desktop browser.



The US Search Awards saw Optmyzr win the ‘best PPC management software’ award. It comes with a number of tools to help you refine and upgrade your campaigns. You’ll find everything from accurate suggestions for optimization to data visualization options.

One of the big advantages is the advanced reporting facility. In a world where numbers are more important than ever before, this is crucial. You can try it out for free for 14 days.


Free AdWords Performance Grader

Sometimes you may not be using your AdWords account to the fullest. You can stop that by getting an audit of your account in 60 seconds or less. This free tool will spot the flaws in your campaigns and show you where you can improve your optimization. You may be under performing due to something that takes mere seconds to fix, and this tool will show you what it is.



AdEspresso is the ultimate tool for using Facebook ads to promote your brand. This provides a central platform where you can optimize and analyze all your campaigns. You can use it for free for 14 days, and it’s well worth the $49 monthly price afterwards.



This is one of the best tools on the market for finding valuable keyword data based on what your competitors are doing. It will also give you a full breakdown of domain data. If you register for their annual plan, this will only cost you $58 per month.



SpyFu comes with the tools that other items on this list don’t have. For example, you can download all your competitors’ keywords. As usual it comes with advanced analytics so you can see at a glance all the data you have gathered.



iSpionage is a competitive intelligence tool that gathers accurate and up-to-date information with the snap of your fingers. This is an easy way to size up the websites of your competitors then compare them to yours. You can also compare your various online marketing strategies with your competitors.



Telemarketing is still important even for PPC users. You need to know who’s calling, how long they are spending on the phone, and a whole host of other data. Invoca allows you to capture and monitor these important calls. It integrates 30 platforms, making this one of the more comprehensive platforms on this list.



If you need to track your outreach efforts and use the data from those efforts, Twilio is the way to do it. It even lets you buy local and toll free phone numbers, so if you want to go further with your PPC campaign this is the way to do it.


PPC is a Time Consuming Process

These ten tools are just examples of what can be achieved when you have the right aids by your side. But don’t get bogged down in your desire to download as many tools as possible. It’s easy to get carried away by all the shiny objects sitting in front of you.

What tools will you download today?