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White Hat and Black Hat SEO: A Look at Ethical SEO Practices Vs. SEO Scams

If your company is looking to hire an SEO provider, you might have a few questions about choosing a quality company. You also might be wondering how to avoid being conned out of your money, or more particularly, if 180fusion scams our customers. Since it is too easy to declare “180fusion is not a scam”–which is true–we thought we would share some helpful information and tips to guide your company in this important decision.

What are White and Black Hat SEO?

Some people worry that all SEO companies seek to “trick” the system, but this is not the case: not for 180fusion. White hat SEO, the kind that 180fusion performs, refers to the completely legal and honest method of optimizing a business’s search engine results. It includes highlighting a company’s most important goods and services, so that people seeking for those traits can connect with a relevant company. In other words, white hat SEO connects runners with websites that sell running shoes, pet owners with sites that sell pets toys, etc. White hat SEO helps companies list higher in search results for legitimate search terms.

Black hat SEO performs nearly the opposite. Unethical, these companies seek to strip you of your money without providing a useful service. In fact, they often harm the websites who hire them. This is how: black hat offers number one search results guaranteed. Instead of working with relevant terms–a much slower method, but more useful in the long-term–they carry out campaigns for search terms or phrases that would never be entered by a real person. It’s easy to achieve a number one ranking for a keyword that no one would ever realistically search for, because no other company would compete for a useless term. Not only will this method fail to bring in customers, search engines such as Google may penalize or even remove such a website from the list of search results.

Why Choose 180fusion?

Google and other search engines are not stupid: their ranking algorithms purposely complicate the process of search engine rankings, and they are well aware of the presence of both ethical and unethical SEO companies. 180fusion only uses legitimate, ethical methods to boost search rankings. Even though it takes a while for some results to appear, working with the system provides better, more long-term results. If any doubt lingers that 180fusion scams our customers, we offer one more piece of reassurance: our guaranteed SEO work means that if we fail to meet the agreed-upon results, we will continue to work for free for up to 1 year. You can count on our integrity as we offer the best SEO services, for the best prices, results guaranteed.

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