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How To Dominate Using Local SEO For Your Business

Were you aware that one out of three searches on Google is actually a local search? If you are an off-line business, or do business locally online, you can’t afford to ignore these statistics.

As much as 70% of local businesses miss this highly targeted traffic because they are not effectively using local SEO. This means that if this is you, your business could really be missing out on sales.

Here are some quick and easy tips that can put you back in the local SEO game and help people who were searching to find you:

State, City And Main Keyword In Your Title And Heading Tags – In order to be found by local searchers, your state, city and main keyword should be in your title as well as your first heading that you create. These are referred to as your title tag and your H1 tag. This information is critical because this is how the search engines locate your business and match it with people searching for it. For example, Joe The Plumber In Denver Colorado is a much better title than Joe The Plumber.

Add A Local Phone Number – Adding a local phone number is one of the fastest ways for the search engines to drive local traffic in your direction. It is a really good idea to include a phone number in your main title tag as well so that people can see the phone number directly in the search without even having to visit your website. i.e. Joe The Plumber In Denver Colorado (719)555-1212. Many service businesses benefit from this tip and get direct calls without their potential clients even visiting their site first.

High Quality Backlinks – Since most local businesses are not familiar with high-quality backlinking, it is be worth an investment of time to get really good backlinks from local government agencies (.gov), and schools (.edu). You could offer a donation if they would post the link to your business inside their website as these type of backlinks are are considered extremely good quality by the search engines and can easily raise your rankings in the local SEO market.

Google Plus Local Page – Google plus was made for local business. You should claim your Google plus local page and fill it with all of the relevant content, including a local phone number. The search engines also will consider this as a high gravity backlink for local SEO if you post your website URL. This is just more proof to the search engines that you are a local business and deserve a higher page rankings in already have over others who do not take the time to do this.

Local Mobile Advertising Via Google Adwords Express – Even though some people shy away from Google Adwords, the mobile advertising platform via Adwords Express continues to improve each and every day. Doing local mobile advertising is a great way to double or even triple the number of conversions you’re having. Remember that most mobile searches are local and are people looking to spend money. Invest some of your advertising dollars and to local mobile advertising.

Try utilizing all of these tips and improve your local SEO for your business. The more that you do to promoting your business locally, the more this will help target people in your area and direct them right through the doors of your business.

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