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How To Create A Tsunami Of Traffic Using Only SEO

There many marketers that are afraid of search engine optimization. Interestingly enough, search engine optimization or SEO can be learned and perfected by anyone once they understand the basics and if you use a little trick I will explain to you. SEO need not be difficult, and this model will work if you actually stick to it.

Here is an example of exactly how to do this:

Step 1 – Acquire an aged domain related to your niche and look for a low or medium trafficked keyword as part of the name.(i.e. TopDenverColoradoPlumbers.Com could be perfect for you if you are a plumber in Denver, Co) The domain name should be very similar to the products or services that you want to offer. Try to find a domain that has a similar or long tailed keyword that is related to the business that you do and that gets reasonable search volume.

Step 2 – Once you have your aged domain create a new website that has high-quality content that relates directly to your products and services. Continue to add content on a daily basis so that the site begins to get some gravity in the search engines. Now Ping your site daily.

Step 3 – Build high quality backlinks to the site. Do this consistently and at a regular interval, focusing on a wide range of different kinds of backlinks from PR0 to PR 9 if you can get them.

Step 4 – Start doing daily press releases to free places like PRLOG. You simply want to announce the website and include the link of the website in your press release. This will give you immediate additional backlinks, get you noticed by the search engines and drive even more traffic. Don’t forget to ping the press release once it is published too.

Because the domain is an aged domain and has a certain amount of trust in Google’s eyes, and because you are building high quality backlinks to a website that has excellent content, you will essentially be leapfrogging over many months of trial and error to get your website to rank because Google gives weight to aged domains.

As long as your content is highly focused around the main keyword, (that is also in the name of the domain and the title tags), your website will quickly begin to rank in the search engines. Of course this is contingent on the kind of competition with the keyword that you chosen. Highly competitive keywords will not rank as quickly so you will need to focus on middle of the road or low competition keywords in order for the system to work fast.

You must also contribute ongoing content to the new website and continue to build backlinks. Press releases will help there. This is the core concept that most marketers follow to generate huge amounts of traffic. The key to the entire process is acquiring the right aged domain. It is also possible to acquire an aged domain that already has existing backlinks so you can get a jumpstart there.

If you follow these steps, do your due diligence and make sure that the keyword that you wish to rank your website for is not too difficult, will begin to see massive flow of traffic heading in your direction.


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