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Decrease Your Advertising Cost Through PPC Management

A pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign can be a great asset for helping businesses find new clients online. In a PPC ad campaign, specialized advertisements are linked to certain key words that are related to the products and services that the advertiser offers. When keywords are used in search engine queries, the relevant advertisements are displayed on the user’s screen. If they user decides to click on the ad, they are directed to the company’s landing page–a web page designed to convert sales effectively–and the advertiser pays the search engine for the click whether or not the user actually makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website. The advertiser is paying the search engine for each visitor coming from the search engine’s website.

Within this model, there are several ways to optimize performance. That’s the goal of PPC management. PPC management involves the development, analysis, adjustment, and maintenance of a PPC advertising campaign. The goal is of course, to minimize costs while maximizing the number of visitors to the website and percentage of sales converted from visitors.

Companies like 180Fusion specialize in PPC management. We have a wide range of analytical tools that help to analyze the effectiveness of any PPC campaign as well as identify areas that could be improved. A lot of business owners run their own PPC campaigns without this type of analytics and leave a lot of money on the table that could be captured through small adjustments to strategy and execution. The following are a few important aspects of PPC management:

Keyword Selection: Selecting the right key words is truly key to success in PPC. You want to make sure your keywords are selected in such a way that your advertisements are shown to users that are not only interested in your product but are actually ready to make a purchase, perhaps immediately. Through key word analysis including trial and error, 180Fusion can help you select the right keywords to help you market to the right users–thus lowering your cost of advertising per sale.

Landing Page Optimization: There’s often a lot of room for improvement in landing pages. Landing pages should be designed according to their purpose. They’re not there to provide information. They’re there to persuade the visitor to make a purchase immediately. 180Fusion’s web design experts have a strong understanding of user behavioral patterns and can craft the perfect landing page to help you convert more sales, also lowering your advertising cost per sale.

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