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How 180fusion Helps Clients Take Advantage Of The Changing SEO Landscape

Staying Ahead Of The Curve:

The most common problem with most SEO strategies is that the attributes that Google puts emphasis on are ever-changing. That being said, companies that stay stagnant over the course of a quarter/year are typically the ones that see their rankings fluctuate wildly and don’t retain first page and top position placements.  180fusion is constantly adjusting internal SEO best practices based on the large sample-size changes we see occurring across our client portfolio, as well as employment of best-in-class talent that keeps their ear to the ground for shifts in the organic landscape.

Content Is Key:

Content strategy has always been important in relation to SEO strategy, but with the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm update the basis of how content is generated and keywords are targeted has changed. 180fusion’s clients have benefited from our proactive content strategy set and while many agencies were left scrambling to recover first page rankings for their clients, Google’s search engine rewarded 180fusion’s vision and approach by catapulting many client’s keyword portfolios to the top of search engine result pages across several industries. Content diversity and authoritative linking strategies are a major component of the 180fusion’s track record of client success and ROI growth.

Quality Not Quantity:

One of the major shifts that has occurred recently in regards to search engine placement is the shift away from quantity of backlinks towards a focus on quality of a company’s backlink portfolio. This is another place 180fusion has always been ahead of the curve and something that allows us to focus on link-building from the right type of content originating from the right types of sources. 180fusion does not believe in the “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks methodology”, but instead puts together a scalable blueprint for our clients, linking strategies that are reworked and adjusted based on constant change with search engine algorithms.

Strategies Unique To Your Business:

The shortcoming with most SEO agency solutions is that they are rolled out according to what worked for another company at a different point in time.  Cookie-cutter solutions are the opposite of what 180fusion practices for our client-base. We instead choose to focus on strategies originated from extensive research regarding your specific industry and competitive landscape. Utilizing this methodology, successfully navigating around your competition to achieve top placements is a much more attainable goal.

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