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Bing Brings Voice Search to The Xbox 360

This week in Los Angeles, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, has begun. As one of the largest video gaming conferences in the world, you might be wondering what it has to do with search engines. Well, at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they announced that soon you will be able to do searches […]

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Google Page Rank Updates

If you have Google’s toolbar installed, you may have noticed a section that shows a short, green and white line. When you hover over it, this shows you a number between one and ten, and it changes depending on which website you go to. This is known as Google’s Page Rank, and it’s a numerical […]

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Search Engine Optimization Campaign Training

If you have your own website, be it a blog or an e-commerce platform, you want to get ranked in the search engines for the terms you value most highly. This entails learning how to do at least some basic Search Engine Optimization (commonly known as SEO). Search Engine Optimization is a process by which […]

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Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign Tips

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. A little while back, Facebook incorporated an advertising platform similar to Google’s AdWords, and therefore requires a similar style of PPC management. This system allows you to create paid advertisements based on a variety […]

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How to do SEO for a Website

So you have launched a new website, or want to revamp your existing website to make it more visible in the search engines. This is when you start reading about search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, to gain a better understanding of what to do for your own website. There are many facets […]

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Do-it-Yourself SEO

If you’re just starting to learn about search engine optimization, it can appear overwhelming. So many theories and ideas, so many thoughts on what the search engines are doing and will do next, so many people giving their opinions, and so on. For an SEO professional, it’s almost a full-time job keeping up with the […]

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