Social Media Newsletter 2011

Who will be your Valentine this year?

Your Valentines this year should be your current and potential clients. They need attention and courting much like your normal Valentine does. Don’t worry — there is no need to wine and dine each and every current and potential client — simply court them online!

180fusion is excited to announce their latest program offering — Social Media Accelerator! Begin courting your clients on Facebook. They might not LOVE you, but they sure will Social Media Accelerator you.

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Product of the Month

Social Media Accelerator

Take advantage of our Social Media Accelerator Program risk free and receive 20% off of your first month!

By signing up with our Social Media Accelerator Program today, you are eligible to receive:

  • Customized Facebook Ad
  • Demographic Targeting
  • No Per-Click Charges
  • 250 Facebook Fan Requests per Month
  • Expert Guide to Using Facebook
  • Expert Guide to Using Twitter

Make sure to ask about landing pages and additional friend requests!

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Social Media Comes of Age

Question of the Month

Why is Social Media so Important?