Optimized Marketing: Low or No Budget? | 180fusion

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your visibility and market your product or service effectively and widely, but you’re operating on a shoestring and can’t afford much, don’t despair. There are many things you can do to get yourself noticed and do so without spending a fortune.

Publish Great Content. Many people do not understand the value of great content. Generating articles for your site’s blog will cost you nothing but time and energy. Even if you aren’t personally the best writer, there is bound to be someone on your team or in your life who is able and willing to churn out some delicious details in an article for you to share.

You may want to look at ways to get free original content for your site. Consider writing about best practices for your particular industry or publish a top 10 list. Keep in mind consumers are also interested in your personal story, the mission and vision of your business, and even personal vignettes that are both compelling and industry-specific.

Create Instructional Videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you may want to think about publishing video content. While it may cost a lot to get a professional video produced, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding an aspiring film student or a photography aficionado to help you create a video on a budget.

There are plenty of tutorials that can help you learn how to shoot footage that looks as if it was done by an expert on your phone, but if you’re not feeling the videography urge, you may want to try creating some captivating slideshows that can be uploaded on SlideShare.

Build an online presence through Social Media. Create those business accounts and begin participating in the social media sites. Creating a space where your consumers can go means that you are developing a way to encourage a sense of consumer connectedness. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram are all places where your customers may come for interesting commentary and stay to learn more about you, your product or service, and one another.

Your online presence can also be enhanced by guest writing for high-volume blogs or getting yourself interviewed by popular sites, which can then be linked to your social media sites.Don’t forget to promote those social media sites by adding your Twitter handle or FB account information to your conference slide presentations or business cards.

Infographics. Infographics are extremely robust marketing tools. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are easily understandable at a glance. People love to share them, making them a powerful way to rev up the interest in your site and generate referral traffic. If you have a general understanding of visual graphic design, you can make some on your own.

If you’re struggling to find a place to start, you may want to check out Canva, which is a free, online, drag-and-drop infographic designer that is fun and easy to use. It also provides a large array of templates and a place to browse so that you can gather ideas.

Run a contest. There are many contest marketing ideas that generate interest but are of very little cost to you. Photo contests, for example, are easy to enter. Anyone with Instagram can submit their photo, resulting in user-generated content that you can utilize and implement elsewhere.

Another kind of contest is a caption contest, where users submit their best caption. This kind of contest can drive a lot of interest and repeat traffic to your site. A simple voting contest can generate a lot of entries because they’re very easy to participate in, and users often direct family and friends to your site to vote.

Develop a referral program. Existing customers like to know they are appreciated, and offering them a free product or month of service for referring new customers can get you noticed. Personal recommendations and the power of word-of-mouth can jumpstart your business, to remember to find a way to reward faithful consumers and those that are spreading the good word about your business.

The goal of marketing is to build a loyal army of consumer advocates, so think about the ways you can encourage your customers to start talking to their friends and family through a well-designed referral program.

Not having a great deal of expendable cash does not mean you will be unable to market your product or service, but it may mean that you will need to get creative. What are some marketing tools that you have used that required little to no cash on hand? Share your ideas here.