How To Transform Your Travel Blog Into A Successful Business | 180fusion

When it comes to writing, your favorite subject to write about is travel. That’s why you’ve started a blog about it, where you can share all your crazy adventures with the rest of the world. Whether you’re volunteering on a farm in Australia as a WWOOFer, or you’re drinking café au laits in Paris looking out at the Seine, people love reading about all the places you go and what you do. And recently, you’ve been getting some followers you didn’t expect. Your blog is becoming more popular. Which is why you’ve been thinking: I could make this into a business.

And you can! Running a successful blog, especially about a subject as popular as travel, is all about picking the right niche, designing a great website, and connecting with bloggers and readers around the globe. And here’s how.

Pick a niche topic–and choose your audience

Any blogger who wants to turn their passion into a business needs to refocus their blog so that it attracts a specific group of readers. This is how you’ll get popular, and get people who love your blog so much they subscribe. It’s all about picking the right niche topic. It can’t be so broad that people don’t know what to expect you to write about, but it can’t be so specific that you only have a few readers (or only your mom).

To get started, think about what interests you most about your traveling lifestyle. Are you always finding the best trails for hiking, or are you an expert at planning the perfect night in a city like Barcelona? Maybe you’re a history buff, and love finding out about cultural secrets in ancient cities like Rome. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s something you know a lot about but can also enjoy learning. See what other bloggers are writing about in the subject, and figure out what’s missing that you can contribute.

Additionally, go on forums and see what people are discussing. If lots of people want to move to Paris but can’t figure out what kinds of jobs get you a visa (or how to apply to those jobs, what with the crazy-long CVs employers require in France)–then you could make a ton of money with a blog like this.

Eventually, this research will also help you get an idea of who your ideal reader is. Even if you want the entire world to read your blog, the fact is that more than half of Americans don’t even own a passport. So you can’t target people who don’t care about travel. Instead, think about whether your ideal reader is a recent college graduate, looking to become an English teacher abroad, or a happy couple in their thirties looking for a honeymoon destination. To learn more about how to pick the perfect audience for your blog, check out this guide

Design an awesome website–and use SEO

Now that you know about your audience, it’s time to design an awesome website. By taking a look at competing blogs, and using free analytics tools (like Google analytics) to understand your ideal readers’ needs, you’ll know what they want from your website. You can determine such things as site organization, color schemes, and font size and style by understanding your customers. And if you can’t afford a web designer, that’s okay. There are plenty of site builders available free online that have so many blog templates you’re sure to find one you like.

Whatever template you choose–don’t forget to be mobile-friendly! Mobile devices account for 53 percent of paid search clicks, and this is because so many people are now consuming almost all their media on their phones.

Additionally, when you’re blogging, use the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. This is guaranteed to get you more readers. Knowing what keywords to include in your posts and other strategies, like optimizing your images, makes a huge difference. Become an expert, and with some practice, it’ll start to come naturally. To learn more about the best SEO practices of 2018, check out these tips.

Make yourself known on social media

Finally, you need to connect with your readers on social media. Once you’ve started releasing high-quality content, you can share it on all your social media accounts. Just think about it: 68 percent of US adults use Facebook, and 28 percent of them use Instagram. By joining the right groups and connecting with other bloggers via social media, you can find new followers that way, too.

Now that you’ve started writing great content and made your online presence powerful, you’re ready to start making money from your travel blog. Whether you’re selling ads or expat advice, you’ll be running a successful business.

What do you love writing about most in your travel blog?