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The Secret of Google Maps SEO

There are several different aspects of SEO. Organic SEO has to do with improving search engine visibility by naturally ranking websites for higher relevancy. Organic search results are usually displayed before the paid ads. Search engine marketing, on the other hand, has to do with optimizing the visibility of paid advertisements on search engines. Yet another aspect of SEO is Google Maps SEO which seeks to procure high ranks on maps that appear above the organic results on local searches. Optimizing Google Maps search results is one of the best ways to get a leg up on the local competition.

The majority of Google searches do not yield any map results. But if you specify geographic location as part of the search, “mechanics in Chicago,” for example, Google Map results will appear before the organic results on the search engine results page. Map results are important for a number of reasons.

First of all, they’re really the first results you see. Many people automatically skip down past the paid ads to find what they’re looking for. The map results are right at the top of the search engine results page. So if you can achieve high ranking map results, your visibility will be excellent.

Secondly, when people initiate a search that includes a location, they likely intend to make a purchase and are considering their options. These are ideal customers to market to. If you can ensure that your company is listed among the top results, you’ll be a top consideration when they decide where to take their business.

Third, mobile results are increasingly important to users. Nowadays, a growing number of internet searches are being done from smart phones while consumers are on the go. Many searches are time sensitive. For example, consumers may be looking for a place to eat dinner within the next few minutes. Google Maps results will show them the restaurants nearest to their vicinity. A similar type of search occurs when cross country travelers are looking for the nearest gas station. Map results often include options on smart phones that allow the user to be guided using voice navigation to their destination. For time and location sensitive searches such as the previous examples, being highly ranked on Google Maps results can win a lot of new business.

Google Maps SEO is one of the secrets of being successful in local marketing online. To learn more about Google Maps SEO, call us at 1-877-321-4180!

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