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SEO is a critical part of promoting your business. It links in with everything, including finding the right customers and making sure you’re not killing your PPC success. Making SEO work is easier said than done. There are so many factors at work and you’re competing against the rest of the world for attention.

Customer personas are one area where you need to dedicate some time to. 44% of businesses now see value in them. Without a well-refined customer persona, you’re going to have problems making your SEO campaign work. This guide is going to show you exactly where personas fit in.

What are Personas?

Customer personas are essentially fictional characters that resemble the various segments of your audience. They’re like the characters in a movie, where they will have their likes, dislikes, ages, genders, and geographical locations. The idea behind this is to imagine you’re marketing specifically to them.

This will, in theory, bring in your preferred customers. They’re the ones who will be interested in what you have to offer. Creating a persona takes a lot of time and research to implement, but once you do it you’re ready to start marketing.

Google is Marketing

This is an important fact to understand before you can fully take advantage of personas. Personas fit in because SEO is about marketing to those personas. The goal of SEO is not to bring in as much traffic as possible. Traffic numbers don’t pay your bills. You want to bring in targeted traffic because those are the people who’re going to buy something.

Personas fit in because they allow you to drill down into your customers and find out what they’re likely to be searching for. They give you a better idea of how you can reach your target audience.

Personas Will Help You to Discover Your Keywords

Despite the fact stuffing your content with keywords has become a thing of the past, they’re still important. Google’s crawler bots use keywords to categorize websites. The right keywords will help you to rank in the areas you want to rank in.

Choosing keywords is one of the hardest parts of building an SEO campaign. Most firms are shooting in the dark until they find something they can use. But this type of testing wastes a lot of money and time. You’re relying on luck.

Personas can help you to better understand what your customers are searching for. The crucial part of personas is they’re all based on real people. You’re taking an average of a group of people and compiling a persona based on that. It can give you a better insight into the keywords that are going to yield results.

Figure Out Customer Behavior

New businesses tend to think optimization campaigns are about getting people to click and that’s it. This is actually only half of the equation. Google ranks websites based on where they click and on what they do after that. If they immediately leave the website without doing anything this can hurt your ranking.

Google is watching to make sure the people clicking are finding what they want. This is why bringing in traffic that doesn’t covert can actually hurt your campaign.

One of the elements of SEO to pay attention to is customer behavior after someone clicks on your website. Your SEO campaign should be about getting the right people and getting them to click, and you can do that through studying customer behavior, which will then fit into your personas.

Your SEO strategy might see lower traffic numbers, but conversation rates will be higher and bounce rates will be lower.

What Makes a Good Persona?

A customer persona made for the purposes of an SEO campaign will be compiled using the data of as many customers as possible. Newer companies are automatically at a disadvantage because there’s a lot of guesswork involved. If you already have mailing lists and survey results you’re in a powerful position for creating a persona that will enhance your SEO strategy.

An optimization campaign is ultimately based not on assumptions but on facts. This is also why you must make sure your personas are fluid. Refer back to them every six months with new data and see what you have to change.

Last Word – All About Testing

SEO campaigns can have all the data in the world. But a strong SEO strategy must be conducted based on the results you’re getting from A/B Testing. SEO testing will require you to invest and it may take some time to gain positive results, even with personas.

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