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Outperforming The Competition Made Easier Through Local SEO

Some people think that search engine optimization (SEO) is only for companies that sell goods or services online. This is simply not the case. In the world today, a growing number of consumers initiate online searches for goods and services before they decide to make a purchase. They may compare different company’s prices and the qualities of different goods and services. When it comes time to make a call or visit the store, they’ll usually use an online search to find the address or phone number of the business. For all of these reasons, search engines truly are the new yellow pages. If companies want to stay competitive and attract new customers, they have be visible where their potential customers are most likely to look, that is, online.

So SEO is not just for people that sell things online, it’s for every type of business! Although business owners might not realize it, SEO can be especially effective for local marketing. Local marketing refers to a form of advertising that appeals to a smaller defined geographic region. Plumbing companies are a good example. A plumbing company based out of Blackfoot, ID isn’t going to try to win over business in Boise. They will appeal to the consumers in their community to sell their products and services. They may use billboards, yellow pages, mailers, among other techniques to reach consumers in their immediate area. Adding local SEO to the mix can be extremely effective.

One reason is because of the map component of local SEO. The goal of local SEO is to make a company more visible to consumers in a specific area. This employs a number of techniques, but one of the most effective is Google Maps SEO. When users initiate a local search, the results often include a map that shows the location of various businesses in the immediate vicinity. For example, the Google Map may show 8 Chinese restaurants within a short distance of the user’s location. When trying to compete for local business, having your company’s name at the top of map results can be extremely beneficial! Local customers will see your name first and immediately know how to get to wherever you’re located. Map results include company website and phone number in addition to physical address. There’s no better way to advertise locally!

If you’re competitors fail to see the value of the internet and are still spending advertising revenue ineffectively on older forms of marketing, you’ll really be able to blow them away with a local SEO. To learn more about how your local business can benefit from internet marketing, contact 180Fusion at 1-877-321-4180!

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